I am an eighty-one year old who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. It was impossible to do anything without pain due to my arthritis.

I decided to give CDB Worx a try and ordered the soft gel capsules, 30 ct. upon reading the directions on the bottle, I learned I was to take a pill every four hours as needed. On the day I received my shipment I was able to take 3 capsules and on the second day I took four capsules It was not until after the end of the second day that I began to notice I was able to move without the usual pain. During the night, I was able to move and turn in bed without a hint of pain. The next morning I was able to move about, again without the pain I had been living with for so long.

So at this moment, I’m very happy with the results of your product.Maybe I can now look forward to this Spring and enjoy working in my yard once again.