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      I use a combination of the gummies and the tinctures to help with a variety of things such as TMJ pain, anxiety and as a sleep aid. The gummies taste great and are fast and active. I can begin to feel residual effects, mainly just my body calming, around 5 to 10 minutes after eating one. Definitely eat them around a meal as it certainly heightens the effectiveness. Will most certainly be recommending this product to friends and family! - Kevin I have a very high stress job, and found CBD to help calm me down and allow for better sleep and relaxation. I’ll definitely be ordering again! - Derek I love this pain cream. Lasts for hours, so soothing. - Mary I am an eighty-one year old who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. It was impossible to do anything without pain due to my arthritis.

      on the day I received my shipment I was able to take 3 capsules and on the second day I took four capsules.
      - Albert
      I have suffered from intense psoriasis for almost a year now. I have tried everything from creams to UV light treatment three times a week. Nothing was working and I was miserable. Someone suggested that I try CBD.

      After finishing the first month taking these pills daily, my skin has cleared by about 90%. For the first time in months I have felt like I finally have relief. I have completely stopped using all the old creams and treatments. I feel refreshed and better than ever! I even have the added benefit of sleeping better at night.
      - Rachel
      I've been using the citrus tincture for a couple of months now, and this stuff really works! I work in a fast paced environment and I've noticed that this helps keep me calm during the day. At times I would leave work with high anxiety, but now there's none. The quality of my sleep has been increased significantly as well. I highly recommend this product and I'm so happy that I've found an easy and fast way to calm my anxiety. - Emily I have a miniature Schnauzer that is afraid of thunder or loud noises in general. I was giving her xanax prescribed by my vet. A friend recommended I give CBD a try.

      During a thunderstorm I gave her a few drops of this tincture. After 20 minutes she was calm and relaxed . I hated seeing her suffer in the past, but no longer does she have to be affected by storms.
      - Larry

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      CBD Isolate Lab Results (GUMMY BEARS & TINCTURES)
      CBD Isolate Lab Results (GUMMY BEARS & TINCTURES)
      CBD Isolate Lab Results (GUMMY BEARS & TINCTURES)
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      CBD Isolate Lab Results (GUMMY BEARS & TINCTURES)
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      CBD Isolate Lab Results (GUMMY BEARS & TINCTURES)
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